Submission of abstracts for poster presentation

Submission method:

Abstracts must be submitted by uploading your poster abstract in Word format directly to this ACBI website.

You must register for the conference before you can submit an abstract. Once you have registered you may log in using your registered email address.

Abstract content:

The attachment should be in Microsoft word doc (97–2003) format and contain the following information:

  • Abstract title - not to exceed 20 words.
  • Author(s) - the name of the presenting author should be in bold.
  • Address of Author(s).
  • The text of the abstract which should not exceed 300 words.
Abstracts must:
  • State the specific aim of the study.
  • State methods used, if pertinent.
  • Summarise the results obtained.
  • State conclusions reached.
  • Not contain figures or tables.
  • Not contain statements e.g. 'Findings will be discussed ... ' or similar.
Poster Submission:
The 1st author does not need to attend the conference as long as you have nominated someone to attend to their posters during the sessions.

Poster Dimensions:
The diameters for the poster are standard A0 size.


If any additional information is required, please email: 

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