Association of Clinical Biochemists in Ireland

Extract from Constitution and Rules

(as amended on 24th June 2008)


2. The objectives of the Association are:

(a) To promote the advancement of Clinical Biochemistry.

(b) To promote the teaching of and training in Clinical Biochemistry of Scientific, Medical and Technical staff.

(c) To foster research, development and high scientific standards in Clinical Biochemistry and to arrange lectures, seminars and demonstrations.

(d) To maintain and improve standards of advice, interpretation and the efficient use of Clinical Biochemistry in Medical Care.

(e) To encourage and promote a Register of Clinical Biochemists in Ireland.

(f) To promote honourable practice, to repress malpractice, and to settle disputed points of practice and to decide all questions of professional usage and etiquette.

(g) To represent the profession of Clinical Biochemistry in Ireland, both domestically and internationally.

(h) To promote the professional interests of Clinical Biochemists in Ireland.

(i) To co-operate with other appropriate professional bodies for the furtherance of mutual objectives.

(j) To petition the Government and its agencies in the interests of the profession of Clinical Biochemistry in Ireland.

(k) To apply for, promote and obtain any Act of the Oireachtas, privilege, concession or authorization of government, state, municipal or other authority to enable the Association to further its objectives, and to oppose proceedings or applications which may be deemed directly or indirectly prejudicial to the interests of the Association.

(l) To organize social and other such functions which promote the interests of the Association.

(m) To do all things incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.